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The renovations are complete. Welcome to the underground, please make a character sheet and join a roleplay.

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 Malina Bennet

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PostSubject: Malina Bennet    Wed Jun 22, 2016 10:28 pm

Full Name: Malina Bennett
Nickname (if applicable): NONE
Codename: Avataris
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthdate: June 13, 1999
Death-date (if applicable): NONE
Affiliation: Charles Xavier, school for gifted youngsters
Nationality: American
Home City/Town:  Akron Ohio/Artic
Sicknesses/Diseases (if applicable): NONE
Known Family: UNKNOWN
Registered with SHIELD?: Yes/No

Face Claim (celebrity, model, ect.): Danika Yarosh
Body Type: Slim
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style/Length: Striahgt/Long
Facial Hair (if applicable):NONE
Eye Color: Brown
Glasses/Contacts?: NONE
Skin (Smooth, Wrinkled, Freckled, ect.): Smooth
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Tattoos (if applicable): NONE
Distinguishing Marks/Features:NONE
Dress Style: Wool clothing, boots
Uniform (if applicable, can be edited): NONE

Main Ability: Diverse Elemental Control
Secondary Ability (if applicable): Ecological Empathy
Describe Powers: Malina has the ability to control the elements, such as Water,Earth,Wind,And Fire, but she can go beyond that, having control over Light, Life, And Spiritual. Malina also can control, auroras, forming an eclipse, every time. With these powers, she can control the weather. She has a connection with the Earth, in love, and never harming it.
Weaknesses: Malina can't use her powers if she is in distress, or is afraid.
Future Development: More control
Skills Outside of Powers: NONE
Weapons (if applicable): NONE

History(please put time into and be decent/longish): Her mother gave her the name: Malina from Inuit mythology. She would give her to her protector, telling her to tell the story about how Malina had a brother she grew up with, but they lived apart as they got older. He also wanted her to always tell her Malina is a solar deity known for her passion, courage, and beauty.Due to the MRD looking for her at a young age, she grew up up in the Arctic, and was told, that one day, she was to save the earth form a cataclysmic storm, that approaches. With her, and her protector only knowing this information, she begins to train every day, and every night, until it comes. Due to Malina gifts, Every night, she would use her gifts, to keep tabs on whats going on... Using the Northern lights, as her information. She begins to see, a shift in the Earth Magnetic structure, witch was going to be the main cause of the storm. With this, a hole would appear in the lights, turning red. Knowing this, she would keep the force together, though, loosing control. She would do this every night, learning it was getting worse. Fearing the acceleration in this, the protector, Named Farah, would decide to leave the Arctic, fearing the MRD to find Malina. Getting ready to leave, Malina would see a flock of frozen butterflies laying over the snow field, saying to Farah that she can feel their emotions, and how she would be able to feel even more emotions, when getting to the states, unfreezing the butterflies, letting them fly on. After reaching the U.S and Canadian boarder a few days later, Malina and Farah would see a powerful storm spawn from the sky. Using her, gifts, Malina would neutralize it. Farah would look at her compass, seeing it fling all over the place, saying that they need to travel south. Before they could cross over, the MRD would ambush them, only Malina, being able to escape. She would soon then, be on her own, hopping between the backs of trucks, until she reached UPSTATE New York. Getting off an rest area, Malina would secretly, go through the wood, before finding a huge Mansion, coming out of the woods. She was hungry, and tired, though, she felt the upcoming storm soon approaching. Before actually getting onto the platform, she would see kids, using there powers, playing around. Malina, eyes widen, would be fascinated, smiling. As this happened, Bright green aurora lights would appear in the sky, even though its a cloudy day. Malina would look up, her smile gone. As she looked back down, a student would see her, drawing attention of others. Malina, instead of running, would just sigh, and come out of the woods. After introducing herself, The students would want to take her to Ms. SeaBrook, the headmistress.


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PostSubject: Re: Malina Bennet    Sun Jun 26, 2016 9:02 pm

Approved for use...

Ken Maximoff
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Malina Bennet
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