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The renovations are complete. Welcome to the underground, please make a character sheet and join a roleplay.

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 Laurence Christansen

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PostSubject: Laurence Christansen   Sat Jul 02, 2016 1:44 am

Novel Steal
Personal Information
Full Name: Laurence Patrick Christansen
Nickname (if applicable): Lars
Codename (if applicable):
Age: 24
Gender: Male (Also B-52 Airplane)
Birthdate: 12.5.1995
Death-date (if applicable):
Nationality: Danish-American
Home City/Town: Lawrence, Kansas
Occupation: Owner of a Novel Steal/Manager of a Novel Steal
Sicknesses/Diseases (if applicable):
Known Family: Laura Christansen, Leaf Christansen

Body Type: Endomorph
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style/Length: Medium Fringe
Facial Hair (if applicable): Scruff
Eye Color: Blue with gold ring around pupil
Glasses/Contacts?: Glasses
Skin (Smooth, Wrinkled, Freckled, ect.): Smooth
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Tattoos (if applicable): N/A
Distinguishing Marks/Features: N/A
Dress Style: Casual/Emo

Main Ability: Weapon Physiology
Secondary Ability (if applicable): Spatial Awareness
Describe Powers: Laurence has the ability to transform all of or part of his body into one of 5 weapons. The first weapon is a Scythe. The second is a sword/knife. The third is a crossbow. The fourth is a spear/lance. The fifth is a chain whip. Next, Laurence has the ability of spatial awareness. This basically means he can tell everything about the area he is in within a 240 foot radius.
Weaknesses: If Laurence is damaged in weapon form; the damage WILL cross over to his normal human form. Spatial awareness only extends to 240 feet.
Future Development: N/A
Skills Outside of Powers: Green Belt in Kung Fu and an avid weaponsman.
Weapons (if applicable): Literally himself.

History (please put time into and be decent/longish): Laurence was born in Lawrence, Kansas to a loving set of parents. At age 14 he was pulled out of school due to large amounts of bullying and trouble he had gotten into. Laurence at age 16 then found out his mother was very ill. She had multiple  diseases affecting her lower bowels. Laurence spent the next 4 years in and out of hospitals either staying with his mother - or just visiting. Of course, this changed when he turned 18 as his mother was diagnosed with another disease. This one affecting her spinal column; causing her to become paralised from the waist down. Laurence was almost automatically drafted to take care of her. At first; he took it in stride. Thinking that there would be at least a chance for her to come back from this... She didn't. And Lars began to realize that he couldn't take care of his mother and live a real life. So, he became a recluse. A manic deppressive 450 pound loser. He started roleplaying on a forum dedicated to superhumans but eventually had to quit due to family issues. On the day his mother died; she told Laurence to please. Follow his dreams. So he used what was left of his inheritence, sold his trailer, packed up his car and bought a little storefront in Manhattan. The lower east side. Then once he got enough money; started renting the store in times square that would become A Novel Steal. But his real adventure is just beginning...

Ken Maximoff
Elyse Collis
Anatoli Shevenko
Christopher Bonham
Jeffery Talbot
Bazza Green
Gerard Reynolds
Jay Jonas

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PostSubject: Re: Laurence Christansen   Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:03 am

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Laurence Christansen
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