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 Gutterless September.- Exerts from the Journal of Ethan Weldd

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PostSubject: Gutterless September.- Exerts from the Journal of Ethan Weldd   Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:42 pm

September 17, 1997 It's like following an endless paper trail. First the body and now that goddamn letter, the son-of-a-bitch is toying with me. Sleep feels impossible and I'm fucked if I can't provide evidence to prove this is more than a suicide. That's the problem with this fucking city, if they can't figure out an answer they make up a bullshit story that will convince everyone. Anyways, I'm tired and I need some sleep.
September 23, 1997 I finally found out what that letter means! It's cryptic but I think I get it, see, every number corresponds with a landmark in the town. All of these landmarks predict the next murders! If I can convince them to reopen this case maybe I can predict the next murders and figure out where this sick fucker will strike before it happens and catch him!
September 24, 1997 Apparently the parents of the four girls have their closure and trying to desperately prove there's a killer will make it too hard on them, but what about last year's bodies? Is it just a coincidence that there's multiple suicides on the same day of every year? Something's going on here. I'm going to keep investigating with or without their permission.
April, 28, 1998 I only have a few messages to figure this shit out, I have four of the seventeen locations decrypted. The only fucking problem is every location has lead to even more clues and more locations... This is fucked!
June 5, 1998 I don't know how I'm supposed to solve this, I have fifty fucking potential locations and I haven't even finished decrypting the whole goddamn letter! I haven't slept in days and my head is beginning to feel like a basketball is dribbling inside of it. I can't stop, I need to figure this out, I need to figure this out!
August 29, 1998 Okay, I've got it! Every location has had a historical event take place during the day of, get this... September 17! If I can somehow find a way to link all of these locations together I might be able to find out where the murder is taking place!
September 16, 1998 Finally! All of my hard work has lead me to one building, the Dilharmen Mental Institution! I don't know who this guy plans to kill in an Asylum but I'm willing to find out. I have decided to go inside.
September 17, 1998 What in the actual fuck! These people won't let me go! They won't let me go! I tried saving them from the killer but they say I need to stay in order to help them! They let me keep my journal and are only giving me five minutes to write in it every day. They keep telling me that I
September 18, 1998 Oh my god, what have I done?! I fucking killed her, it was self defense, I swear! She told me I had to, I need to protect her! That bitch, she deserved it! And here they come to take my journal awa
September 28, 1998 They say I am no longer fit to live with the general public, they're going to give me the death sentence. I begged and pleaded but everyone looked at me like I was crazy! Why can't they understand there's a killer on the loose! They won't listen to me!
February 23, 1999 Today's the day they do it! Today's the day they kill me. They said I can have extra time with my journal before they send me off. Everyone is fucking crazy, nobody understands me. I had my last meal a few hours ago, all I asked for was a cup of coffee and a bag of fries, thankfully they delivered. I'm not ready to leave this earth, I still need to find the killer, nobody understands! I've been thinking, what if the whole town are killers and they decided to put me to death because I was onto them?! I can hear their footsteps, they're going to kill me soon. They're getting closer, it's okay. I'll be back in September.

Drew Peters               Code name: Behemoth
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Gutterless September.- Exerts from the Journal of Ethan Weldd
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