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The renovations are complete. Welcome to the underground, please make a character sheet and join a roleplay.

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 Jeffery Talbot

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PostSubject: Jeffery Talbot   Tue Jul 26, 2016 1:13 pm

Personal Information
Full Name: Jeff Talbot
Nickname (if applicable):
Codename: Battle Strife
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 5/5/1993
Death-date (if applicable):
Affiliation: Solo Anti-Hero
Nationality: American
Home City/Town: Bayville, New York, USA
Sicknesses/Diseases (if applicable):
Known Family: Anna Talbot (Sister), Joseph Talbot (Father), Alexa Talbot (
Registered with SHIELD?: N/A

Face Claim (celebrity, model, ect.): Colin Morgan
Body Type: Ectomorph
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style/Length: Messy medium
Facial Hair (if applicable): Scruff
Eye Color: Blue
Glasses/Contacts?: N/A
Skin (Smooth, Wrinkled, Freckled, ect.): Smooth
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Tattoos (if applicable): N/A
Distinguishing Marks/Features: N/A
Dress Style: Emo
Uniform (if applicable, can be edited): Trench coat over a plain black t-shirt, urban camo pants, hiking boots that cover up parts of his pants to his knees and a black headscarf. Varied by what he needs to finish his objective and varied bags of weaponry and ammo

Main Ability: N/A
Secondary Ability (if applicable): N/A
Describe Powers: N/A
Weaknesses: N/A
Future Development: N/A
Skills Outside of Powers: N/A
Weapons (if applicable): Multiple weapons available to him through varying means of legality

History(please put time into and be decent/longish): Jeff was born in Southern California; and about four years later his sister was born there as well. Jeff does remember very little of his time there as he was forced to move soon after his 6th birthday. After arriving in this new home; in Bayville, New York; jeff was sent off to school. He was pretty introverted at best; anti social at worst. Jeff would only interact with teachers and students on a need to basis. So his parents were fairly worried. When his parents and teacher tried to confront him on this over the years; Jeff would simply shut down and refuse to answer anything. And so; this was their pattern for the next 10 years. Jeff would be anti-social and quiet; and his parents would try to get him to talk. Around the time Jeff was leaving for college however; his father was called in as a suspect in a murder investigation... As the prime suspect. It took the jury 2 months to make their decision. That Joseph A. Talbot was guilty of murder in the first degree. Their mother was also taken away for giving a "false alibi". Jeff couldn't believe this. Joseph Talbot? A murderer? It was unthinkable! Impossible even! Joseph talbot was not the man who murdered 3 girls in cold blood. It was simply wrong... And Jeff knew it. He couldn't just allow the real killers to get away with it... But for now; he had a 14 year old sister he had to take care of. So he bided his time and waited. Around Anna's 15th birthday she developed a mutant power and was accepted into the mutant school of Xavier's school for Gifted Youngsters. Anna moved into the school full time; and Jeff was finally ready to begin stocking his arsenal. His father - despite having most of his assets taken - had left Jeff a secret inheritance of 50,000 dollars. Jeff used this to start stockpiling weapons and body armor. On his 21st birthday; Jeff got a concealed carry license. Which he used to buy his first pistol. He remembered and old documentary his dad had shown him before he left about some vigilante called the Punisher. He had died along with the other heroes; but... Jeff needed a role model. So he applied for his class 3 gun license and about a year later he was approved. After this; he painted his car black and got tinted bulletproof windows. He made a contact in Bayville to supply him with the more... Shady stuff. And began his crusade first taking down the men who took his father away from him; and then went after the criminal world as a whole.

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Christopher Bonham
Jeffery Talbot
Bazza Green
Gerard Reynolds
Jay Jonas

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PostSubject: Re: Jeffery Talbot   Tue Jul 26, 2016 3:18 pm

Approved! You may no begin RP with this character.
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Jeffery Talbot
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