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 The Plot

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The Omega

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PostSubject: The Plot    Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:45 pm

In World War Two, anyone was willing to do anything to win. The Nazis especially. Word had gotten around of their search for, well, Supermans. Literal, god-like Supermen. It also got around that they were succeeding. With this in mind, the Allies started searching for their own team. Luckily, before anything got too out of hand, the war was stopped. Hitler was gone, Germany had surrendered, Japan had surrendered, it was all done. The United Nations, or UN, had come about and the countries of the world were trying to create some type of peace. With this, the memory of the supposed Supermen came about once more. Were there actual strides in this? How successful were they? What if the opposing sides had succeeded in their own attempts? What would happen if a war like the last happened once more; would these super-humans be the next nuclear bombs? Research was reviewed and interviews were given to figure out how far they had come. Turns out, multiple people, who soon came to be known as Magna, had been contacted by the superpowers of the world in order to fight the war, to win it. These Magna had powers the world could only believe comic. Some could fly, some could manipulate the elements at their will, some could even heal wounds and bring back the dead. They were dangerous. They were a threat. They were out there, in the real world. What if the common-man found out? To solve the problem at hand, the UN turned to Antarctica. Under the Antarctic Treaty of 1959, the UN moved these people to a place of supposed peace. They claimed it under a cause of scientific research, which in a way was true; these people had unknown limits to their powers, unknown restraints, unknown threats.

In 1961, the treaty was decided on and signed during a secret meeting of countries. The international media was not clued into the signing and negotiations of the treaty, the countries of the world trying to keep it secret from the common man. There was too much threat in people knowing of super-humans, of their powers. In the Treaty of Magna-Removal, it was decided to move those who could not be explained to Antarctica, whether it was forced or not. Through the years, the operation remains secret, even to those taken, and within the hands of individual countries. Some countries were more accepting of the Treaty than others, obviously, but they usually complied. In the UN’s mind, another war was prevented by keeping these Magnas hidden away; however, what stopped them from using them for their own deeds? What stopped the Magnas from revolting and going off on their own? Questions continued to swirl around the issue, but it still remains.

As of 2016; abductions are still occurring. Conspiracy theorists are blowing up over how the countries of the world are treating their very own citizens. People are just disappearing off the street and then being replaced by duplicates. However, these are just conspiracies. The fact holds that the true knowledge of these super-humans only exists within the governments, not public. The Magna, still stationed at the Project: Underground Base in the Antarctic, find themselves as pawns of the United Nations and begging to be released... A new generation of Magna are coming, and the base may find itself split apart for good. Which side will you be on?
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The Plot
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