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 Anthony Horton

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PostSubject: Anthony Horton   Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:06 am

Full Name:Anthony Horton
Birthdate (no year): August 12
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African-American
Nationality: American
Home City/Town: San Francisco California
Religion: atheist/agnostic
Sicknesses/Diseases: none
Known Family: Wallace Horton (Uncle)(Alive) Laura Horton (Aunt)(Alive) Vanessa Horton (Cousin)(Alive, distant)

Ability: Exoskeleton, Enhanced Strength, Exoskeleton Manipulation
Desc. of Ability: He can excrete a liquid substance from his skin that will harden into a solid capable of withstanding a blast from a Rocket launcher. He is strong enough to lift up to 20 tons. He can also form his arms into weapons, like hammers or swords, but he can also pick up modern weapons, and incorporate them into his exoskeleton.
Weaknesses:His exoskeleton dissolves when in contact with water, but only rain, being submerged or getting hit with a lot of water will depower him. His strength is also reduced when this happens. Drilling into his exoskeleton can pierce the dermis and injure him. Extreme cold can force his exoskeleton to freeze up, become brittle, and shatter.

Face Claims (Animated or Celebrities):Vergo from one piece,  Adonis Rosso
Hair Color:None
Facial Hair:None
Eye Color: Brown
Glasses/Contacts/Neither: Neither
Tattoos (19 or older): None

Backstory (please make decently detailed/long): Anthony was born in San Francisco to Jeremy and Debra Horton; he was loved by his mother and father; unfortunately, they had to get rid of him because they didn’t have the income to support his needs. Thus, they gave him away to his aunt and uncle Wallace and Laura Horton. He was loved by his adoptive parents; but they did have a child of their own to look after. Vanessa Horton was a lovely young girl, straight A student, star pupil, and just all around a nice person. Now, Anthony was no slouch of course; but his achievements were always overshadowed by his cousins achievements. When Anthony would get a good report card; he would get a pat on a back, yes. But whenever Vanessa got a good report card; they would always take her out for dinner or just overall celebrating the achievement. Anthony just couldn’t seem to get his aunt and uncle to notice him.

He was around 19 when his powers first began developing, he was at the gym working out when his powers began to form; a small amount of blackened crust started to form on his arms. He started freaking out and ran home, knocking on his cousins door, knocking a hole into it. He freaked out; but his cousin did even more so. She, was in her room shooting up. This is when he found out, his cousin was a drug addict. Shocked at this revelation; he quickly ran downstairs to tell his aunt and uncle; but wouldn’t you know it? They were already awaiting his return. “Sit down Anthony.” His uncle said. “Listen, you guys won’t believe what Vanessa was doing.” Anthony said. “SIT. DOWN. ANTHONY.” Said his uncle, much more forcefully. Rage building in his tone; he saw tears begin to stream down his aunt's face and Anthony immediately sat down. “Have you been using steroids?” His uncle asked. “What? No. Of course no-” It was then that Anthony saw the needles on the table. “Uncle Wallace, those aren’t mine. Vaness-” His uncle’s veins visibly popped to the surface. “Don’t you dare try to pin this on my daughter. Steroids are a horrible habit. Do you think athletes get where they are by shooting up?!” Anthony wanted to say, ‘well yes.’ but he kept his mouth shut for as long as he could before trying to speak again. “No, of course not! They got there through hard work and determination! I will not have a druggie in my home.  I refuse to have raised a deadbeat.” His uncle said again, giving Anthony room to speak. “But I swear to God! They are not mine! Vanessa must’ve-” His uncle punched him across the jaw. “You have two hours to get out of my house. If you aren’t out with all of your junk by then; I’m calling the fucking police.” Anthony wanted to argue, he wanted to scream “No! You don’t understand!” but instead, Anthony nodded and managed a “Yes sir.” and began his trek upstairs.

Anthony was out in less than an hour; he wandered the streets trying to get a new job. But, as he was now homeless; he had basically no options left. Police would watch him suspiciously, and worse? The black rash was getting worse. Eventually, he found himself in touch with a very bad crowd. By the time he had fallen in; this new rash had spread completely over one arm and the majority of his back; starting to spread to his shoulders. The strange thing? It was rock hard as well. He started using his apparent super strength to help move drugs, and was a bodyguard for a dealer. In exchange; Anthony got a cut of the profits. 2 months later; he was entirely covered from head to toe with this new rash.

He was on a routine deal, everything was going well. The exchange was being made under the table at some fancy restaurant. When all of a sudden; gunshots from outside began their deafening crusade against the innocent ears. When Anthony covered himself; he realized that he was uninjured. The bullets just seemed to bounce off. By the time that he had uncovered himself however, everyone else in the restaurant was either dead, dying, or injured. Including his former boss…
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PostSubject: Re: Anthony Horton   Fri Nov 11, 2016 9:39 pm

Majority rules that you are... Accepted!

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Anthony Horton
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