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 Ally Bishop

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PostSubject: Ally Bishop   Sat Nov 19, 2016 1:22 am

Full Name: Ally Taylor Bishop
Nickname: ---
Age: 19
Birthdate (no year): 12-5
Gender: F
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Home City/Town: Depoe Bay, Oregon
Religion: sort of Methodist, sort of not… it's complicated
Sicknesses/Diseases: ---
Known Family: Sarah Bishop (mother), Ken Bishop (twin, brother)

Ability: Memory manipulation, Telekinesis
Desc. of Ability: Ally has the ability to manipulate others' memories; aka, she can bend them to her will, whether it be for good or the bad. Along with this, she can read memories. This is similar to telepathy except for the fact that she can't read current thoughts. For her, memories are things that a person remembers happening. It can be recent, like just happened recent, but nothing like a person's birth or such. With telekinesis she can, well, lift things with her mind.
Weaknesses: Manipulating memories can cause Ally to become very tired, depending on how large the change. Say she was changing the color of something in a memory, that would take much out of her. However, if she were changing the people or what happened as a whole, there would be a likelihood of her fainting. With telekinesis, she can only lift twenty pounds more than her weight.

Face Claims (Animated or Celebrities): Aoko Aozaki from Mahoutsukai no Yoru
Hair Color: Dark brown
Length/Style: a bit wavy, to mid back
Facial Hair: ---
Eye Color: blue
Glasses/Contacts/Neither: neither
Tattoos (19 or older): ---

Backstory (please make decently detailed/long):
Ally Taylor Bishop was born in Oregon along with her brother, Ken. They lived in the coastal town of Depoe Bay all of their lives. It didn't take long after Ally and her brother were born for it to be just them and their mother; their father left soon after their birth, wanting nothing to do with them. To be fair, though, it never really ended up affecting them in the long run. Sure, there was a bit of a lower income, it was just their mother, and obviously there was no other male in the house except for Ken (and a cat named Tails, he was an orange tabby). Their mother didn't ever let the one less parent have a toll on her children. She was both strict and kind, worked a job and took them to extracurricular. She was everything, especially in Ally's mind. She was a hero.

Growing up Ally was usually the quiet one, even after growing comfortable with certain people. She had a close bond with her brother, though they did have their arguments. Early on it was about who got to watch what they wanted on TV or who ate the last fruit roll-up or whose turn it was to clean the room; later as they got into high school, however, it turned more towards Ally getting upset with having to cover up for Ken or why Ken's stupid conspiracies were so stupid or why Ally kept to herself so much. Even with their squabbles, though, they knew they could depend on each other.

As she went through school, Ally was usually a very quiet kid. She was sort of a stereotypical "shy girl." She kept to herself, normally didn't speak unless spoken to, always was reading something or another. Along with all this, she was for the most part a decent student. Math, like many students, was her downfall. Other than that, though, she sailed through school with A's and B's. High school was a bit of a struggle for her with her growing maturity and what not. Ken always seemed to be getting in trouble and there mother wasn't around as much in her quest to make sure there was enough money in the bank. As well as all of this, Ally began to notice certain things. She would remember things she knew didn't happen to her, things would crash suddenly when she got upset. By time she was eighteen, she discovered she had powers. She kept it to herself, scared to tell anybody, and tried not to use them in fear of hurting somebody. However, in the times she was alone at home, she would explore them, experiment with them. In hindsight Ally supposes she experimented a bit too much because around February she was abducted.

She had been walking home from the library one night, finishing up some parts of her senior project, when she noticed someone following her. She'd seen the man at the library but had assumed nothing then. However, as he followed behind her and the space between them was thinning, she began to panic. Quickening her speed, she fumbled in her bag for her phone but to no luck. When she was giving up and about to run, the man clenched a hand around her arm and pulled her to. Another person appeared from the growing darkness with a bag. Hand over her mouth and arms wrapped around hers to keep them from moving, Ally mad every attempt she could to scream and get away. As the bag went over her head though, the man from the library whispered something that sent chills down her spine: "This is to help you, to protect you. Don't worry. Everything will be fine." Next thing she knew, she was at a facility. Alone. Oh had things changed in such a quick minute.
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PostSubject: Re: Ally Bishop   Sat Nov 19, 2016 1:32 am

Accepted for use

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Ally Bishop
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